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Things we read in August 2017

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Following our July round-up, here is our list of the 7 must-read stories that caught our eye this month.

#1 Posen on a US-UK Trade Pact: Not a Good Deal [short video]

Adam Posen, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, argues that a trade agreement with the United Kingdom would not serve wider US strategic interests.

More here.

#2 What others are saying about industrial strategy

We’ve been writing about the government’s industrial strategy (a lot). Others have too, this article looks at the Industrial Strategy Commission’s report on industrial strategy – highlighting four problems with it.

#3 Ignore the panic. There’s little point learning languages at school

“Like the current zombie cult of maths, languages are beloved of reactionary educators for one reason: they are easy to test, quantify and regiment.”

More here.

#4 Car finance – what’s new?

An update to one we read in June, to incorporate some new data. The conclusion is however similar:

“Most car finance is provided by non-banks, which are not subject to prudential regulation in the way that banks are. These developments make the industry increasingly vulnerable to shocks.”

More here.

#5 Foreign owned firms help boost productivity

In many ways.

#6 Why Europeans slack off in August

The August closure of a much loved Italian owned pizza place near EEF towers probably prompted us to seek out this one. Why do workers across the continent take as much as an entire month off? The Economist took a look.

#7 Why didn't electricity immediately change manufacturing?

Topical given the 4th Industrial Revolution. Why didn’t the invention of electricity immediately change manufacturing and what lessons can we learn for today’s revolution?

More here.


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