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Things we read in December 2017

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 Counting down the days to the holidays? Here are our 7 must read stories to get you through the final few days.

1) Bitcoin - the topic on everyone's lips

Obviously we've been reading about bitcoin, here's a good round up on what the future holds for the cryptocurrency.


2) Productivity improvements could be just around the corner...

There tends to be a delay between a technical breakthrough and a productivity surge. Perhaps then, the recent poor performance, is a brief lull before an explosion of new technology that will radically reshape the world around us. Or perhaps we are due for another decade or two of disappointment. Either are more here.


3) Want a good review on the economy's performance this year?

The IMF have done it in 5 charts.... Alternatively you can read ours in 17 numbers


4) Eurozone manufacturing activity is hitting historic highs...time to invest?

Manufacturing PMIs across the Eurozone continue to make for pleasant reading. Read more here.


5) How the FTSE 100 has changed since 1984...

...and what it means for UK plc


6) A prince not a pauper: the truth behind the UK’s current account deficit

This article challenges the view that the widening current account deficit means the UK is vulnerable to foreign investors becoming less willing to invest, and as such at the mercy of the “kindness of strangers”.  

More here.


7) A Christmas quiz to end the year!

Okay it is a central bank themed festive quiz...but see how many you can get here.



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