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Things we read in July 2017

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Following our June round-up, here is our list of the 8 must-read stories that caught our eye this month.

#1 The great intellectual property trade-off

Does IP protection stifle innovation? As we enter a world where more and more value will be captured through the provision of outcomes not products (check out our White Paper on the subject) – do we need to look again at IP protection rules?

More here.

#2 The Forward Guidance Paradox

When textbook models of monetary policy meets the irrationality of the real world.


#3 After throwing in the kitchen sink, what's a central bank to do?

"Central banks struggling to lift historically low interest rates and rein in stimulus programmes may have more on their minds than just getting back to normal -- they are, by some accounts, nowhere near ready to deal with the next recession or crisis."

More here.


#4 Seven charts that show how the developed world is losing its edge

"What is happening to the world economy? Here are some answers, in seven charts. They reveal a world undergoing profound changes."


#5 The 5 most valuable startups in the US

As the UK considers how to increase the supply (and demand) for patient capital, here are the 5 most valuable US start ups.


#6 Capitalists – not socialists – are killing capitalism

“Accepting that capitalism has flaws is not a sign of weakness: it is what can make capitalists, unlike supporters of state-directed economies, look grounded in the real world rather than aspiring to reach an unattainable utopia via tractor production targets and other failed signposts of communist glory.”

More here.

#7 How many occupations has automation totally eliminated?

The answer may surprise on the upside.


#8 Is productivity growth becoming irrelevant?

“Zero-sum activities have always been significant. But they grow in importance as we approach satiation in many basic goods and services.”

Could the UK actually be a post-productivity growth society, ahead of the curve rather than behind it?

More here.

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