Net migration falls again, five key statistics

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Today the ONS published it’s latest Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, for the year ending June 2017. Here are five statistics to take away from today’s statistical release:

1. Net migration to the UK over the past 12 months has fallen by 106,000 since June 2016 to 230,000. This means in the YE June 2017, there was a decrease in immigration of 80,000 increase of 26,000 in emigration.

2. EU international migration accounts for over three-quarters of the net migration change. Of the 106,000 fall, 82,000 were EU citizens; 29,000 EU15 citizens, 34,000 EU8 and 21,000 EU2.

3. International Passenger Survey (IPS) data show that the decrease in people arriving looking for work is accounted for by EU citizens, down 47,000 to 35,000 (statistically significant).

4. Long-Term International Migration (LTIM) estimates show that immigration for study (141,000) was the second most common reason for migration in year ending (YE) June 2017.

5. 36% of EU citizens emigrated from the UK to go back home to live.


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