Things we read in November 2017

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Following our October round-up, here is our list of the 7 must-read stories that caught our eye this month.

1. Maybe arguing about immigration isn’t totally hopeless after all

Maybe people aren’t bored of experts when it comes to immigration according to this study. Read here.


2. Is the decline in the creation of new businesses to blame for poor productivity?

Analysis from the US.

Fewer new businesses are being created and big businesses are buying up the competition with their cash piles. Could this be impacted on productivity?

More here.


3. We should resist the argument that flat productivity is the new normal

A defence of why productivity still matters.


4. Where to get the best bang for the buck in the United Kingdom? Industrial strategy, investment and lagging regions

A blog that gets straight to the point – where to put the next £ to boost regional productivity.


5. Understanding rules of origin and why they matter

This video explains how NAFTA’s rules of origin work and why tightening them may actually result in less North American content.

More here.

6. Central Banks are a good thing after all

Data showing that inflation targeting by central banks has certainly been worth doing. More here.


7. London's Iconic Red Buses to Run on Biofuel Made From Old Coffee

Alternative uses for used coffee, drink up.


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