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Things we read in October 2017

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Following our September round-up, here is our list of the 7 must-read stories that caught our eye this month.

1. Does technical progress create or destroy jobs?

Topical given our recent Innovation Monitor and our look at the fourth industrial revolution.

“structural change triggered by technical progress, ultimately, creates more employment in new sectors than it destroys in old ones.”

But does this pattern change over time? Read here to find out.


2. Too much central bank talk means "confusion not clarity"

With the BoE expected to raise interest rates this week, this article makes the case for Central Banks speaking less often. Read here.


3. Yanis Varoufakis: Confessions of a Troika Dropout

Speaking at the EEF Annual Lecture this month, in this interview Varoufakis takes us back to 2008 and what negotiating with the EU is like…


4. New survey evidence on the impact of Brexit on UK firms

What the data actually shows. Doom or Boom?


5. Interest rate uncertainty harms the economy

To balance number 2, data that shows uncertainty around the future path of interest rates is harmful to the economy. Read here.


6. The flying drones that can scan packages night and day

Digital warehouse management gets a boost from autonomous drones - includes video. Read here.


7. Higher interest rates could hit Britain’s vulnerable economy

It’s almost as though we were expecting this month’s BoE MPC meeting to be important… In short, uncertainty abounds about how households will respond if there is an interest rate rise this week. Read here.


8. Our Biggest Economic, Social, and Political Issue: The Two Economies

A look at the two economic realities of the top 40% and bottom 60% of people (by net wealth) across the US economy. Stark - read here.


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