Things we read in July 2018

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What have we been reading over the last month? Our run down for July 2018:


1. "If the natural tendency of our economies is towards ever-rising rent extraction and inequality, with all its dire social and political results, we need to respond in a thoughtful and determined way."

Martin Wolf peers into the robot future.

2. Trust the data! The world has become a better place

The 3 statistics you should memorise for the pub.

3. Harry Kane & hot weather helped pubs to boost their profits

Fun times/sad times.

4. China and the U.S. Impose Tariffs on Trade Flows That Don’t Exist

The headline says it all.

5. Why are UK workers so unproductive?

EEF has been talking about productivity for some time. These five charts from the FT look at the puzzle

6. Looking for a career move? 

Here are the ten highest-paying jobs of 2017


7. AI is 'replacing' economists YIKES!

UBS makes the first move.


8. A must read for those that think Love Island is a waste of time

Is appearing on the show really a more lucrative career move than going to a leading university?


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