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Things we read in June 2018

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What have we been reading the last month? Here’s our run down of the articles that gave us pause for thought in June 2018:

#1. How do we improve official statistics in a world where response rates to surveys are in decline?

Important topic as “In America, the allocation of over $600bn of federal spending is based on the Census Bureau’s estimates of the population. Undercounting even a single person can cost a government programme—in health care, say—thousands of dollars.”


#2. What makes a country good at football?

The football equivalent of nature vs nurture.


#3. China has made progress in tackling financial risks

China's financial situation is probably safer, but not risk free


#4. ‘New car registrations, a timely indicator of the cyclical position of the economy, fell in 2017 for the first time since 2011’ – why?

Has the UK’s demand for cars run out of gas? Or is there something more worrying happening?


#5. As we move towards World Cup quarter finals

A behavioural scientist’s guide to (not) betting on the 2018 World Cup.


#6. The Chancellor announced HMT interest in better measurement of human capital at the spring statement

He's not the only one. The global race on talent is heating up.


#7. The most expensive city for expats revealed



#8. World Cup economic boost may fall short of Russian hopes

Find out why here.


#9. The Internet of Things is in search of a secure method for automating processes and exchanging data in real time to speed transactions

Blockchain could be a perfect fit.


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