Things we read in November 2018

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I hope you enjoyed what we suggested last month.

Let’s see what caught our attention in November

#1 We love talking about productivity and we spent a lot of time writing about productivity and management

Is bad management behind the productivity puzzle? Prof. Sir Cary Cooper CBE gives his thoughts.


#2 Not only management. New technologies can help us to improve productivity

The UK is far behind international counterparts on industrial robot adoption.


#3 Technology, technology, technology. Driving may become a skill of the past

Driverless cars to hit the streets of London before Christmas.


#4 Maybe also anchormen should also start thinking about their future

An AI news anchor was launched on Chinese TV, but is it really AI?


#5 Hopefully he won’t be right this time

'"Big Short" investor who bet against US housing market bets on no deal Brexit.


#6 Brexit? So, let’s talk about stockpiling

Bisto owner plans Brexit stockpile.


#7 Another kind of stockpiling

London's stockpile of unsold homes jumps to an all-time high.


#8 After a long period of sustained growth, oil price is dropping

What oil at $50 a barrel means for the world economy.


#9 to conclude… which university is offering you the best return?

Biggest winners and losers from degrees.


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