6 insightful things about UK manufacturing MPs may have missed over recess | EEF

6 insightful things about UK manufacturing MPs may have missed over recess

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Today MPs are back from recess. This blog is a quick run-down of the things they may have missed over the summer recess.

1. Manufacturers are investing in 4th industrial revolution

But 57% are yet to make their first investment. This was the finding from our survey of members on the 4th industrial revolution. This short video sets out the detail, including what the barriers are stopping manufacturers from making investments.


2. Manufacturing pay outpaces the whole economy and services (again)

Looking to improve living standards? Look to manufacturing. Our annual fact card is a good reference document for answering the question 'What is UK manufacturing and why does it matter?'.

The key story in this year's fact card is the strength of manufacturing pay across the country and compared to other segments of the economy. The video below covers the key highlights from our fact card.


3. Our view on the Government's Brexit White Paper

Brexit - what's that all about?

We got some insight with the publication of the Government's Brexit White Paper. We responded on behalf of manufacturers in this 3 page summary which also indicates the key areas for industry.


4. Our 2018q3 Manufacturing Outlook

Out yesterday, but still one not to be missed, our outlook for 2018q3 for manufacturing.

Manufacturers are feeling less confident about the UK economy with risks looking on the horizon. This video round up goes through the key highlights.


5. Reminder: Things we didn't see - the Industrial Strategy Council

In November it will be one year on from the publication of the industrial strategy - what progress will we have made in improving productivity and raising living standards and what more needs to be done? Let's ask the industrial strategy council... oh wait, my mistake spring 2018 hasn't happened yet.




MPs have been asking questions and we've been asking questions - when is the Council being set up? As our Chief Economist set out in the end of term round-up before recess, lack of progress on the Council is baffling.


6. Lastly - Our WhatsApp updates

An anonymous way to get insights into the current state of play for UK manufacturing? We've got you covered.

Sign-ups for our WhatsApp updates have been growing over the summer with people saying:


  • 'It’s a fabulous little addition... if you’re not signed up then you should be!'
  • 'Like your manufacturing facts and data images very much, thanks for your hard work'


If you like feeling reliably informed, news summarised with emojis and the ability to ask questions about economic stories (privately) then sign up - instructions here.



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