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Sarah Brown, Founder of Pai Skincare, shares why her company’s proud to Make it Britain and is backing EEF’s campaign.

Manufacturing is the ultimate creative industry and enables us to develop products that are both different and performance driven. Keeping production in-house gives us complete control as well as the freedom to innovate and experiment, so we can always stay at the forefront of cosmetic development.

One of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets is that most brands don’t make their own products. Instead, a handful of formulators and manufacturers produce for hundreds of brands, leading to a real lack of innovation and a flood of identikit products on the market.

I wanted to do things differently. Not only does manufacturing in-house protect our formulas and carefully honed processes, but it also allows us to be more creative and responsive to the market and to our customers’ needs.

For example we could discover a game-changing ingredient, or receive an interesting product suggestion, and be in the lab developing it within days. It also means we’re in control of our own schedules, so can restock quickly if we see a sudden spike in sales thanks to a great piece of press coverage or celebrity endorser.

My background is in PR, so it’s impossible to ignore the fact that ‘Make it Britain’ is also a powerful marketing tool – both locally and abroad. British consumers, particularly in the food and personal care industries, are becoming much more mindful of the provenance of their products. Knowing the people, parts and place behind a brand builds consumer trust in a time when Brits are more cautious with their money. This is also why telling your brand story is more important than ever.

Abroad, British (and especially London) brands have always held a ‘cool’ or ‘cult’ status, particularly in North America and Asia – where we’ve seen the biggest growth in new exports over the last 12 months.


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