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EEF response to inquiry on careers advice for young people

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EEF has responded to the Education Committee's inquiry into Careers Advice for Young People.

Download the full submission below.

  • Careers 'awareness of 'inspiration' should begin in Primary School, with careers 'guidance' being introduced later at Secondary School.
  • The good work of external organisations that promote specific careers, such as Primary Engineer should be embedded in other subject lessons.
  • The current guidance for schools should be more assertive as to what should be delivered and headteachers should ensure that teachers are given clear objectives as to what careers provision should achieve.
  • Government should explore ways to incentivise schools to offer alternative pathways such as Higher Apprenticeships.
  • Work experience should be seen as beneficial at both KS4 and KS5 and so should be compulsory at both stages.
  • Government should explore the possibility of assessing employability within schools to encourage schools to be more proactive in getting young people prepared for the world of work.
  • There should be a compulsory professional development requirement for teachers to spend between two to five working days a year each with a business to gain first-hand experience of the workplace.
  • Average earnings of occupations, specifically STEM roles should be published in a place accessible to all young people.
  • We must increase the number of specialist STEM teachers in schools.


Head of Education & Skills Policy

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