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EEF response to review of balance of competences movement of persons

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EEF respond to review of balance of competences, free movement of persons. 

For further information, download our full response.

In responding to this call for evidence, EEF has addressed those issues which, as an employers’ representative organisation, it is qualified to, based on evidence gathered from its members. After careful consideration of the issues raised, and after consultation with our members, we do not see that in terms of the operation of the single market, and the free movement of persons, there are any areas of EU competence which the UK could realistically and beneficially seek to repatriate to the UK national Parliament. 

Instead, we believe that there are a limited number of areas of the operation of the single market which need improvement, and that attempts to introduce further practical or administrative barriers to the free movement of people should be resisted by the UK government, working with other like-minded member states within the EU.


Director of Employment and Skills Policy

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