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EEF response to the review of the balance of competences on environment and climate change

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EEF responds to the review of the balance of competences – environment and climate change call for evidence.

Below is a summary of our response. For further detail, download the full response.

  • It is essential that EU environment and climate policy helps to promote the single market and ensures a level playing field for all Member States. However the EU and the UK must be mindful that unilateral action can cause competitiveness risk;
  • The level of competence for environment and climate change policy between the UK and the EU needs to be balanced between EU Regulations which are not over burdensome and lean but clear transposition of Directives by HMG. EEF believe both the EU and HMG must improve;
  • The EU has a major role to play in influencing the rest of the world and encouraging other countries to adopt environmental and climate change standards;
  • EEF recommends that the development, deployment and enforcement of EU environment and climate change policy should move away from being based on the precautionary principle to a risk based approach;
  • The UK must lead the better regulation agenda in Europe because of its strong expertise in this area. It is essential that EU policy development improves, with more evidence based policy development, better impact assessments and a constant review of the burden and effectiveness of regulation as well as its competitive impacts;
  • UK government must engage with industry and other stakeholders earlier in the development of policy at the EU level, ahead of the formal review process in the Parliament and Council. The Commission must also improve how it engages with stakeholders and increase the transparency of its processes. The UK, meanwhile, must also focus on transposition of EU directives which is outcome focused, and should consider the merits of “copy out”.


Director of EU Affairs

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