EEF submission to EU red tape taskforce

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In this submission, we set out our response to the call for evidence recently launched by the government’s taskforce on EU regulation.

Below is a summary of our key points. For further detail, please download the full submission.

  1. It has been informed by extensive and on-going consultation with member companies. We focus on the worst examples of unnecessarily burdensome EU regulations, those that have the most damaging impact on the manufacturers’ ability to recruit, innovate and expand.
  2. Given the taskforce’s stated areas of interest, we have focused our submission on key areas – employment law and the regulation of chemicals. There a number of significant health and safety related issues of concern to manufacturers that we have not included as the taskforce has not cited this as a priority area and they are already the subject of a dedicated EU review.
  3. The core EU health and safety legislation, as originally envisioned and introduced, is holistic, well considered and remains largely fit for purpose. Unfortunately, this holistic approach is being undermined by non-evidence based hazard-specific legislation that imposes significant unnecessary cost and bureaucracy on industry.
  4. All EU health and safety legislation is currently under review as part of the Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) initiative. The review should focus on delivering a legislative framework that is fit for purpose and minimises the burden on employers. The priority should be simplification, consolidation and the revocation of the new, poorly evidenced, hazard-specific requirements that are not supported by the epidemiological evidence.


Director of EU Affairs

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