EEF response to the Armitt Review Draft Bill and Parliamentary framework

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EEF's submission to the Armitt Review of Infrastructure Draft Bill and Parliamentary framework
  • EEF’s view is that we need to establish a process in the UK to arrive at a strategic assessment of infrastructure needs. The process needs to be open and involve the public, as well as subsequently maintain that assessment and its interpretation independently of government. This will help to refocus the debate on how best to meet our infrastructure challenges, not on whether or not the challenge exists.
  • EEF’s main concern with the proposed Draft Bill and framework is the level of influence the Treasury and the government of the day has in the overall process. This we feel would result in a framework where the main actor (the proposed National Infrastructure Commission) and its main output (the National Infrastructure Assessment) could be independent of government in name only.
  • EEF has built on its original submission to the Armitt Review of Infrastructure to develop more detailed proposals exploring how the principles we set out in that original submission would look in practice.


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