Improving the Quality and Quantity of Graduate-Level Skills

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Access to productive and skilled employees within the labour market is a key requirement for manufacturers of high-value goods and services. Manufacturers rely on the recruitment of graduates to fill many highly skilled roles within the industry.

As the economy picks up and manufacturers’ order books fill, recruitment is on the rise. The challenge for companies is finding the skilled employees needed to fill these roles. Moreover, manufacturers’ widening growth ambitions are putting increased pressure on demand for higher-level skills. If the industry continues at its current pace, looking to 2020, manufacturing will need almost one million workers to replace those leaving the industry. Looking beyond 2020 demand for graduate-level skills will undoubtedly escalate.

Our report – Improving the quality and quantity of graduate-level skills – looks at some of the current skills issues the industry is facing and actions being taken to overcome these challenges. It finds that whilst graduate recruitment plays a key role in meeting manufacturers’ skills needs in the medium term it is not without its challenges. In particular, employers have raised concerns with regards to the quality and quantity of those leaving higher education.


Director of Employment and Skills Policy

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