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In celebration of the powers of British inventions EEF launched the first ‘Pioneering Great British Products’ publication in June 2014, showcasing the immense creativity and diversity in British Manufacturing today.

Britain’s powers of invention are celebrated in our Pioneering Great British Products report, which seeks to inspire young people and demonstrate that British inventiveness is alive and kicking.

The document recognises our industrial past, while identifying new British game-changing inventions. 

Britain’s role in creating some of life’s essential inventions, such as the telephone, the TV and the jet engine, is not fully recognised by the public. Such research findings signal our collective need to champion and celebrate the success of our sector. 

Among the cutting-edge new inventions featured are:
  • the world’s largest aircraft and most sophisticated airship AIRLANDER by Hybrid Air Vehicles
  • credit-card sized Raspberry Pi computer
  • SABRE Engine created by Reaction Engines – making commercial space and hypersonic air travel a future reality Soil Machine Dynamics’ Seafloor Production
  • Tools that can mine underwater for precious metals at depths of up to 2.5km
  • the world’s most advanced bionic limb 
  • Graphene - the wonder material of the future


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