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We have just published the report - A UK Infrastructure Authority: streamlining the infrastructure debate

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The UK does not have a good track record of identifying, planning and delivering major infrastructure projects. To address this EEF's recommendation in this report is the creation of a UK Infrastructure Authority.

With capacity constraints looming, recent governments have sought to address how projects are delivered. We do not, however, have the necessary structures in place to anticipate the infrastructure we will need in the future.

This is important as business investment, sustainable high skilled jobs and economic growth are all linked to the provision and maintenance of key infrastructure, including ensuring we can successfully meet our environmental targets.

In this report we outline how this challenge can be met by establishing a UK Infrastructure Authority based on five principles:

  • Accountability to Parliament not Government – giving it independence
  • Rest on strong engagement and consultation with the public, businesses, government, political and other stakeholders 
  • Look ahead at the UK’s need for infrastructure, set these out in detail and kick start the process to find potential solutions 
  • Have ownership of the methodology to appraise suggested projects in each sector in a uniform way 
  • Leave final decisions on which projects to take ahead with Government and Parliament


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