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EEF's position on the UN Paris climate negotiations

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A joint paper from EEF and UK Steel setting out our views on the UN climate change talks due to take place in Paris at the end of this year.

EEF believes the UK should do its utmost to ensure any deal agreed in Paris is strong, equitable and legally binding, and contains a mechanism to help align countries’ commitments over time. Competitiveness remains a key concern; it is vital other countries are persuaded to adopt climate targets as ambitious as the UK’s.

We would still like to see global sectoral agreements for energy-intensive industries like steel that compete internationally to ensure plants around the world face the same decarbonisation pressures and costs. Failing that, any agreement must create as level a playing field as possible, and be accompanied by local measures that continue to protect investment and jobs in these sectors and prevent emissions moving overseas where the UK has less control over them.

Domestically, there needs to be a clearer picture of the opportunities decarbonisation can bring British firms, reaching beyond the power sector, and more support to help realise those opportunities. Manufacturers need to see real benefits from the UK’s ambitious stance on climate change if they are willingly to play their part in reducing emissions, and other countries must see cutting carbon is compatible with economic growth.

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