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EEF response to MAC Review of Tier 2

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EEF has responded to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) call for evidence on its review of Tier 2



Migration policy for the UK needs to be refocused to ensure companies can easily recruit skilled employers from outside of Europe, can access international graduates whether from the UK or non-UK higher education institutions and are not faced with new costs associated with bringing in talent from outside the UK.


  1. The process of creating the shortage occupation list should be reviewed to ensure there is sufficient flexibility to add new job roles on shorter notice.


  2. A sunset clause should not be imposed on the shortage occupation list. Such a clause would have a disproportionate impact on sectors such as engineering where it takes a longer period of time to train the current and future workforce.


  3. The Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) should be abolished to save employers time and cost. The RLMT fails to deliver any results


  4. The points-based system needs to be reviewed for Tier 2 to move away from salaries and more towards skilled, economically valuable workers such as scientists, technologists and engineers.


  5. Proposals to increase the cost of recruiting a non-EEA must be rejected. This includes the proposed skills surcharge and increasing salary thresholds.


  6. The Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) should not be tightened. Manufacturers heavily rely on this route which allows for global mobility. The ICT route is also used to bring non-EEA employees to the UK to train the domestic workforce.


Read our full response below.


Head of Education & Skills Policy

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