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Energy procurement


Our energy purchasing solutions help you secure the lowest price for your energy supplies. They save you time and give you optimum control over your energy contracts. With gas and electricity prices set to rise, the need for manufacturers to buy smartly is more important than ever. Our energy services team is working with the leading provider of energy procurement services, Inprova Energy, to offer an exclusive portfolio of energy purchasing solutions. We’ll take into account factors such as the timing, type and length of your energy contracts, ensuring you secure the most suitable deal for your business.

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Our energy procurement service offers:

  • 20% discount on the procurement fee
  • a complimentary ‘health check’ of your invoices and current energy tariffs
  • a range of procurement solutions to suit your business needs, including fixed and flexible contracts and collective purchasing options
  • risk management and budget certainty
  • expert market intelligence, including real-time energy market monitoring and a range of free energy market reports
  • bespoke consumption monitoring and reporting services

What our customers say: 

"EEF energy services have been a breath of fresh air. We receive regular UK Market Reports (written in plain English) which allow us to keep an eye on what’s going on in the energy market, this together with the personalised advice provided by our account manager enables us to make informed decisions related to our energy procurement - giving us back the time and energy we used to research the market for the best deal."

Trevor Siddoway, Commercial Manager, SONE Products


Challenge us to cut your energy costs and consumption.

If you're already an EEF member, contact our partner directly on 01527 855 033 or email them at

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