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Protect against the loss of a key employee

Do you have an employee or shareholder that is integral to your business? Perhaps they are the only one who knows how a complex piece of machinery works, what a particular process is or how to manage the financial accounts?

Protecting a business from the risk of exposure to PI, D&O, Cyber are often accepted as part of the cost of doing business. However manufacturers sometimes fail to adequately protect the business from the loss of key people and Shareholders on their death or illness.

Does your business need Keyman Insurance or Shareholder Protection?

The best way to analyse if these types of insurance are appropriate to your business is to ask ‘what would happen next?’ if the answer creates a black hole then insurance is designed to fill that hole. Howden has access to competitive terms as well as having the expertise to guide you through the process of considering and incepting policies.


Business protection using life insurance

This short guide explains how Keyman Insurance and Shareholder Protection can help businesses protect themselves and recover should the unexpected occur.

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