Boneham and Turner

The 4th generation of this family owned business is celebrating the company's centennial and are taking Boneham and Turner forward into the 21st century.

Last reviewed: 02 Jul 2018, 17:11

  • As family business with a long history, Boneham and Turner has been supplying parts and components to various industries for 100 years. They are celebrating their centennial in 2018.
  • The precision engineering company employ 40 people in the UK and 10 in the US, has 5,000 active customers, among them many Formula 1 and aerospace companies.
  • During WWII the company helped build the Lancaster and Wellington bombers, the Spitfire fighter aircraft and more.
  • Their main internal focus is improving lead time and processes for their customers, while their main external focus is helping to make the UK composite industry competitive.



One century of manufacturing, one family


Charles Boneham, Co-Director of Boneham and Turner, talks about the history of the company, their contribution to the war effort and the future of the business.


Peter G. Boneham, Co-Director of Boneham and Turner, talks about how the business is adapting to changes in the industry and customer demands. 


Stacy Denton-Beaumont, Boneham and Turner’s Sales Manager, talks about the efforts to improve processes and increase the accountability of the workforce, while also improving the transparency of the business. 

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