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CMG Technologies

CMG Technologies, based in East Anglia, is a pioneer in Metal Injection Moulding, also known as MIM.

Last reviewed: 23 Oct 2018, 9:28


  • CMG Technologies employs 28 people at its Suffolk facility, half of them are women.
  • They are experts in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), a process that involves manipulating metal powders to behave like a plastic.
  • The company's management team bought the company from Egide UK in 2013 and set out on their own.
  • All employees work a 4-day week in shifts, improving their work/life balance and also saving time and money on commuting and child care.



CMG Technologies – What is MIM?

CMG Technologies – Metal Innovators



Managing Director Rachel Garrett talks about the uniqueness of the MIM process, the benefits it provides customers and also about the company’s 4-day work week.


Managing Director Rachel Garrett talks about how the company develops its staff and the fact that half of the staff are women.


Technical Director Phil Marsh talks about the role innovation plays at CMG Technologies and what role staff have in processes and improving efficiency.


Technical Director Phil Marsh talks about the use of robotics to improve products and help staff focus on less mundane work, being a flexible and agile company and the range of products and customers CMG Technologies work with.

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