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David Nieper

For over five decades, David Nieper has been a strong advocate for brand Britain. The women's clothing manufacturer does as much as they can in house, including designing, producing, and shipping their own products. They have shown that Made in Britain makes strong business sense.

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David-Nieper-logo•    Designer, manufacturer and retailer of clothing, swimwear and lingerie for mature women
•    Completely vertical company, including the design, manufacture, fabric cutting and grading, order fulfilment and packaging, and designing, photographing and printing their own mail order catalogue
•    Family-run business in Derbyshire




David Nieper shows that British-made clothing is a winning business model



Why David Nieper is committed to brand Britain


Designing clothing in Britain


Inspecting and cutting fabric at David Nieper


Pattern grading at David Nieper


Manufacturing clothing at David Nieper


Manufacturer David Nieper explains why they're members of EEF

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