Your membership team

Your membership team is here to help you get the most out of your EEF membership. We support your business needs and ensure you can access a range of EEF services that will help you to reach your full potential.

Membership teams operate in each region across England and Wales and provide a range of expertise, from policy representation and business support to external affairs and customer care. We support members at a local level in manufacturing, engineering and the wider industrial sector.

Your team will:

  • work closely with you to ensure we thoroughly understand you and your business
  • invite you to local events, helping you to network with like-minded companies, share best practice, learn from experts in the field and make new business contacts
  • help you link with other local business support organisations and associations
  • represent your interests through our policy forums and government representation at a local, national and EU level
  • advise you on the right services and support that will help your business grow
  • provide insight and in-depth knowledge to keep you up to date on the latest developments affecting the industry

We’re dedicated to supporting you and your business.

To enquire about becoming a member call us on 0808 168 5874 or complete our membership enquiry form>.

If you’re already a member, you can contact your local Region Director using the details below:

  • Midlands and the East
    Charlotte Horobin: 01664 484 820 or email Charlotte>
  • North East
    Liz Mayes: 0191 497 3255 or email Liz>
  • South of England (South East and South West)
    Jim Davison: 01256 741 032 or email Jim>
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
    Andy Tuscher: 01709 782 930 or email Andy>
  • Wales
    Paul Byard: 01656 641 790 or email Paul>

You can also contact the following people:

  • Richard Halstead, National Interim Membership Engagement Director:
    0191 497 3256 or email Richard>
  • Emily Lawrence, Programme Manager - Advantages and Affiliates:
    0121 456 0266 or email Emily>
  • Andy Collier, Director NDI:
    0191 497 3278 or email Andy>
  • Dianne Holmes: Membership Services Manager:
    0191 497 3253 or email Dianne>

Your North East Membership team

Your Midlands and the East Membership team

Your North West Membership team

Your South of England Membership Team

  • Jim Davison, Region Director - South East, EEF

    Jim Davison

    Region Director - South of England (South East / South West)

  • Gayle Oliver

    Gayle Oliver

    Membership and External Affairs Manager – South East

Your Wales Membership Team

Your Yorkshire and the Humber Membership Team

  • AndyTuscher

    Andy Tuscher

    Region Director – Yorkshire and the Humber

  • JuneSmith

    June Smith

    Membership and External Affairs Manager – Yorkshire and the Humber