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Ethnicity pay reporting

As the Government announces a consultation on ethnicity pay reporting, we take you through the proposals, what they might mean for your business and how you can get involved in the consultation process.

The Prime Minister recently announced the launch of a consultation on ethnicity pay reporting, a Conservative Manifesto commitment which made the case for greater pay transparency following the introduction of gender pay gap reporting. The Government is yet to decide whether the reporting requirements will mirror that of gender pay or be different and is seeking input from employers.

Whether the proposals are the same as, or different to, gender pay reporting, employers will find themselves tasked with collecting data (which they may not currently collect), calculating and publishing the pay metrics and setting out how they will close the gap in the future.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to input into EEF’s response to the Government consultation as well as get an understanding of the proposals for this new policy.


Attend this webinar to:

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the background behind the proposals for ethnicity pay gap reporting
  • Learn what is currently being proposed
  • Know the potential challenges and opportunities of ethnicity gap reporting
  • Find out how you can feed into EEF’s response and shape the agenda
  • Discover what steps you could be taking now in preparation for ethnicity pay gap reporting


45 minute interactive webinar, followed by Q&A
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