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Manufacturing Connect at Husqvarna

Competitive Advantage in a Connected World

Join us at this event to discover how 4IR can unlock new competitive advantages for your business.

Our Manufacturing Connect events are hosted at manufacturers' facilities and include a factory tour, enabling best practice and information sharing with your peers.

4IR has the potential to create new and unimaginable opportunities for manufacturers who are innovative and agile. Whilst many large scale OEM manufacturers have implemented a range of 4IR programmes, many smaller and medium sized businesses are still struggling with the transition. Held at Husqvarna, this FREE FOR MEMBERS event follow Husqvarna’s journey toward an automated factory of the future.

This will be the first of a series of events, one every 12 months, so you can come back and actually see the improvements Husqvarna are making as they develop their production facility into a real factory of the future. The event will help you answer the most burning questions on 4IR:

  • How can I utilise 4IR to best meet my needs and keep up with a changing market?
  • What tools are available to help me on your 4IR journey?
  • How can I recruit to stay fit for the future?
  • What is the North East Productivity Forum, and how can it help me on my future factory journey?

Join EEF and Husqvarna in a journey into a connected world and discover how 4IR can unlock new competitive advantages for your business.


Get Inspired

  • Hear from Husqvarna about their 4IR journey and what they have done to create a culture of continuous improvement and encourage employee buy-in. 
  • Discover how to keep your workforce future-ready, and ensure you build the right skill pool to thrive in the factory of the future
  • Experience of a real-time journey toward digital production in a series of events at the futuristic Husqvarna’s headquarters

Get Informed

  • Get the latest insight into what is needed to drive a 4IR journey
  • Find out about the North East Productivity Forum, and how this can help you on your journey
  • Learn how your EEF membership can help start your 4IR journey

Get Connected

  • Find out about the resources, services and support EEF can give its members around 4IR, including the new online Problem Solving Network
  • Leverage on the power of EEF’s network to solve problems and seize opportunities

Who should attend?

You will get the most value out of this event if you are…

  • responsible for creating and deploying a strategy which focuses on profitable business growth.
  • starting on your 4IR journey and want to hear how others have dealt with the challenges they faced.
  • struggling to digitalise your production processes and drive a 4IR programme.


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08:30 Registration and breakfast networking


Welcome and introduction, Ben Carpenter Merritt, EEF Regional Affairs Manager – North East
09:15 Our journey, Caraline Robinson, Manufacturing Director, Husqvarna
10:00 Starting your journey, Lisa Machin, Senior Productivity and Performance Consultant, EEF


Recruiting a future work force, Jason Cole, Client Relationship Manager, Jonathan Lee Recruitment
10:45 Re-introducing the North East Productivity Forum, Adrian Morris, AMAP Sunderland University
11:00 Factory tour
12:00 Lunch & Networking 

EEF will not normally refuse entry to events, however, it is our policy to not admit competitors of EEF or our host facility into Manufacturing Connect events.

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