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Manufacturing Connect at Mini Plant BMW - Learning Lessons on the Levy

Our Manufacturing Connect events are hosted at member and manufacturers’ facilities and include a site tour, enabling best practice and information sharing with your peers. Our upcoming event will help you learn about managing the Apprenticeship Levy, getting tips and advice from EEF and BMW.

The Apprenticeship Levy came into force on 6th April 2017. Any apprenticeship that starts on, or after, the 1st May 2017 will be funded under the Apprenticeship Levy. This will be a fundamental shift from how apprenticeships are funded now. This will have a big impact on organisations in the manufacturing sector who fall into the scope of the Levy.

Some uncertain employers are being cautious, deferring or freezing apprentice recruitment until the Levy has been in play for some time.

Others are actively looking to invest as much of their Levy liabilities as possible by significantly increasing apprenticeship numbers - whether this is through new starts or up-skilling and re-skilling their employees through apprenticeships.

This Manufacturing Connect event looks at how manufacturers are reacting to the Levy, building on EEF's Levy report launched in March this year, and sharing with you how some employers have implemented the Levy to date.

Who should attend?

  • HR Managers
  • Talent Development Managers in charge of upskilling and reskilling
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • Owner-Managers

By attending this event, you will:

  • Learn about how others are managing the Levy
  • Get useful tips and advice about managing the Levy
  • Have the opportunity to ask EEF team members about the Levy
  • Hear about what EEF is doing to lobby Government on the Levy


Neil Withey,  Training and Development Division Director, EEF

Neil-Withey-speakerEEF takes over ownership of NDI

Martin Strutt, Region Director - South, EEF

Martin-Strutt-speaker EEF takes over ownership of NDI

John Symonds, Apprentice Training Manager, BMW Group



08:15 - 0820 Please arrive at BMW in good time
08:30 Event starts with a tour through Body in White
09:00 Arrival in meeting room for registration, tea & coffee, and networking
09:30 Welcome and introduction - Martin Strutt, Region Director - South, EEF
09:40  Introduction to BMW - John Symonds, Apprentice Training Manager, BMW
09:50 The Apprenticeship Levy context - Neil Withey, Training & Development Division Director, EEF
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 BMW Presentation - how the levy has worked for us 
11:45  Panel discussion and audience debate on key issues - EEF's Martin Strutt to chair
12:05 Walk through training school - BMW Apprentices
12:35 Lunch and networking
13:15 Close

EEF will not normally refuse entry to events, however it is our policy not to admit competitors of EEF or our host facility into Manufacturing Connect events.

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