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On Brand...to Grow

This event shows manufacturers how to gain optimum benefit from their brand in terms of trade and employee acquisition and retention.

Manufacturers may not have the skills required to engage with their customers or future workforce within the digital age.

Often company websites look dated and un-inviting to the new-age customer or the young talent that engineering businesses are seeking to attract.

In order to be able sell a brand, using social networking requires a different style of communication and a knowledge of online purchasing habits.


Who should attend?

Attend if you are:

  • Responsible for creating and deploying a strategy which focuses on profitable business growth
  • Struggling to attract and retain talent
  • Seeking to increase your brand profile within the market place
  • Wanting to understand more about how to optimise digitalisation within your business

Why attend?

  • Hear from Dave Pannell, Manufacturing Ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a specialist expert in digital communication within engineering.
  • Learn how to engage with industrial buyers in the digital age where traditional opportunities for your sales team to ‘sell’ have become limited.
  • Learn how to be consistent and build a brand across various communication platforms both online and off.
  • Learn how to use the ‘personal brand’ of your engineers to promote the knowledge that really makes you stand-out in your sector.
  • Learn how to align your brand with your internal culture and bring your people with you.
  • Learn how to improve your company’s ability to attract and retain the skills and talent that your business needs.
  • Hear how Gripple optimise their brand and take a tour of the The Old West Gun Works.


7.30 am - 8.00 am Registration and networking, drinks and refreshments    
8.00 am - 8.10 am Welcome and housekeeping, June Smith, EEF
8.10 am - 8.45 am Dave Pannell - How to optimise your Brand for Growth
8.45 am - 9.10 am Gripple case study
9.10 am - 9.30 am Q&A
9.30 am - 10.00 am Tour of Gripple
10.00am Close

EEF will not normally refuse entry, however, it is our policy to not admit competitors of EEF or our host facility into events.

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