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End of year message to EEF members

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As 2016 draws to a close, EEF CEO Terry Scuoler reflects on the key developments impacting the manufacturing sector this past year and looks ahead to 2017.



As we near the end of a significant year of change in the UK it is worth reflecting on both the challenges and opportunities we face and how EEF is supporting you and the sector as a whole.

In a short space of time we have experienced, in essence, a change of Government and with that the complex challenge of withdrawing the UK from membership of the EU. At the same time the new administration has signalled its commitment to an industrial strategy, one which is led by the Prime Minister, and underpinned by government departments across Whitehall.

On your behalf my colleagues and I are closely engaged with ministers and officials on these and many other relevant matters to ensure your views and concerns are heard and to help shape better government decisions and ultimately outcomes for our industry. This is all achieved based on the information and evidence you provide as a member of EEF.

The political and policy landscape will continue to change at a real pace. Such uncertainty looks set to be the defining feature in 2017 - and beyond - which is why manufacturing industry has to be clear in its ambitions and ability to influence decision-making at all levels. When it comes to speaking up for manufacturers and for the UK’s ability to be the best place for industry to thrive, we need a united voice.

As a valued member of EEF, your insight and engagement with us is greatly appreciated at the highest levels of Government, here and across Europe.

But be assured we are a critical friend. We work for manufacturers not for a government or party. Our voice is your voice. As a member of EEF, you define the agenda we follow, and you provide the evidence that holds sway. I do hope you will continue to lend your important voice and I very much look forward to working with you as we continue to champion manufacturing in 2017.

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