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A unified voice for UK manufacturing – MTA joins EEF as an Affiliate Partner

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EEF Affiliate Partnership is open to UK membership organisations who operate within the manufacturing, engineering and wider industrial sector. These relationships are very important; by working together, we are better placed to both deliver a stronger industrial sector for the UK. James Selka, CEO of our new Affiliate Partner, MTA, explains more about his organisation and the value that the partnership offers to the UK manufacturing sector.




Who are the MTA?

The MTA are the Trade Association which represents the UK’s advanced manufacturing technologies sector. The sector delivers the means of production into the UK’s manufacturing companies, helping them innovate and improve, driving up quality and standards while reducing real costs.  The MTA’s members’ products and services feed into a wide range of technology driven industries, both in the UK and abroad.

The MTA has a unique and valuable perspective on the industry’s strengths and challenges. The Association has a record of serving and representing the UK’s advanced engineering sector stretching back over a century. But is has also kept close to its modern realities through the organisation of the UK’s biggest manufacturing technologies trade show, MACH.


What does MTA offer the manufacturing industry?

The MTA leads the way for the advanced manufacturing sector, be it; helping to decide standards for machine tooling, facilitating trade missions to key global markets or organising the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies showcase MACH.


What does MTA think the future holds for the industry?

There are a lot of exciting developments going on throughout manufacturing. The rise to prominence of Industry 4.0. and the advent of the completely automated factory will help manufacturers realise their full potential and help shift capacity when needed. The aim is for us to head towards sustainable manufacturing - where we start to produce as close to demand as possible. 

A key challenge facing the manufacturing sector in the UK is of course the Brexit negotiations. The manufacturing sector is intrinsically linked to Europe through supply chains and trade. We need to work together to ensure the UK Government acts in the best interests of the country’s manufacturers.


Why has MTA decided to partner with EEF?

The MTA has always worked closely alongside EEF, but in this time of uncertainty we have decided a more formal partnership is necessary to ensure the entire manufacturing sector speaks with one unified voice. The political uncertainty created by Brexit negotiations with the EU, means that the UK’s manufacturers, and those representing them, must come together to ensure we get the best deal possible for our sector. 


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