Post-Brexit: Our message to EEF members

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In the wake of the EU referendum result, it is now time to take stock of our current situation and make plans for how we work together for a positive future.


The vote to ‘Brexit’ is a disappointing result from the perspective of the UK manufacturing sector, but now is the time to put that disappointment aside and focus on what can be done to secure our sector’s future.


With this in mind, the most pressing priorities faced by the Government at this juncture are shoring up confidence, reassuring the markets and avoiding economic limbo. Securing our industrial future is key and manufacturers will want early assurances that the Government is committed to securing access to the single market and protecting the UK’s trading relationships.


As such, the Government must send a clear ‘business as usual’ message to Europe and the rest of the world. It is vital that we do not scare away  investment and jobs and that we are seen to be behaving with dignity, cordiality and respect for our neighbouring states and long-standing trading partners. 


As EEF Membership Director, I want to emphasise that no member organisation will face this uncertain future without support and guidance from EEF. We are proud to represent the UK manufacturing industry and, as the voice for our members, we remain committed to helping our members, and the broader sector that we represent, navigate their way through the coming weeks, months and years of change.


We will be working hard to ensure that your voice is heard at the highest level, and that you continue to have the opportunity to input into proposed legislation and other changes. We will keep you constantly updated and ensure that you remain informed and prepared for any future developments.


This person has now left EEF. Please contact us on 0808 168 1874 or email us at if you have any questions.

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