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Get your Brexit questions answered on the EEF Network

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If you have unanswered questions about Brexit, then register today to be part of the EEF Problem Solving Network Q&A session with EEF's Brexit Expert.

Meet the EEF Brexit expert Fergus McReynolds on the EEF Problem Solving Network

The EEF Problem Solving Network, is hosting an EEF members-only “Meet the Brexit Expert” session, taking place via the Network on Tuesday 28th November.

EEF’s Brexit expert Fergus McReynolds* will be available to answer questions about the UK and EU positions, the process and timeline, policies on trade, movement of people and regulation. Fergus will also share how the Brexit story is being followed in Brussels and capitals around Europe.

To take part in this exclusive Q&A session, register on the Network today. As an EEF Member, you’ll have access to exclusive areas such as the Brexit board, where you’ll get all the latest news from Brussels and London from EEF experts.

About the Network

The EEF Problem Solving Network is an online forum where you can find practical answers to real-world questions. The Network is a place to connect with manufacturing professionals & peers that can help solve business challenges through shared expertise.

By sharing their expertise and benefiting from the experience of subject matter experts from a variety of sectors, hundreds of individuals working at the cutting edge of UK manufacturing are helping each other find solutions both big and small that make a real difference to their businesses.

*Fergus McReynolds represents EEF, the UK manufacturers’ organisation in Brussels, leading EEF’s engagement on Brexit and liaising with the European institutions and stakeholders on a wide range of European policies. Working with the UK Government, the EU Commission, the European Parliament and our European partner organisations, including Ceemet; Fergus ensures that manufacturers in the UK have a strong voice when it comes to the Brexit negotiations as well as the formation of European policies.

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