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60K saving

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Specialist packaging manufacturer Tri-Wall Europe has partnered with EEF Energy Services to save £60,000 per year on its gas bill.

The company has made use of the EEF Advantages energy service, delivered by specialist energy purchasing and management group ENER-G, to arrange a new flexible gas contract. This has provided full price transparency and cost savings, within a carefully defined risk management strategy. 

John Doran, Tri-Wall’s Production Manager & Energy Buyer, says: ‘Our process requires substantial energy input and close management of costs. Following our move to independence from a previous parent company, we were exposed to the energy markets as never before. Suppliers required us to lodge security deposits amounting to three months of supply, which hit our ‘bottom line’ badly.”

Having previously used fixed contracts, EEF Energy Services’ specialist purchasing team has guided the company through the transition to flexible procurement of gas supplies. Jamie Flanagan, Corporate Business Manager for ENER-G explains: “We wanted to move Tri-Wall away from a situation where they paid over the odds for their energy and had to tie up cash in security deposits.”

Daniel Smith, EEF Advantages Manager, adds: “Inside tight timescales, the EEF Energy Purchasing team prepared Tri- Wall’s gas requirement for market, receiving five suitable supply contract offers. These were analysed and re-presented on a like-for-like basis to allow Tri-Wall to make an informed decision. 

EEF specialists also worked with Tri-Wall to develop a formal energy risk management strategy, so that trading always takes place within pre-set pricing targets.

John Doran sums up: “We will save £60,000 each year as various risk premiums drop out of our costs, and then there’s the historical security deposit monies coming back to us on top of this. We aren’t taking big risks with our energy purchasing and I now feel we are in control.” 

EEF Energy Services also provides Tri-Wall with a full reporting service, together with bill validation and consumption analysis.


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