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The borwell team supports several on-going MoD software projects for the RAF and Royal Navy, as well as working with NATO and the European Defence Agency (EDA). The business also supports current operations, and has delivered a number of software tools and enhancements to directly support analysts and user communities.

A project with the RAF involves connecting to satellite communications equipment, and consuming vast quantities of Electronic Warfare and other types of Military Intelligence.  Correlating, filtering and fusion of this data allows EW analysts to focus on entities of interest.

Working with the Royal Navy, the system that we support consumes an incredible volume of commercial ship position reports, which are tracked and filtered, and forwarded on to a number of government and commercial organisations.

The team develops and maintains software for the Tactical Data Link Capability Team (TDL CaT) at NATO.

Most software solutions the team develops involves integration with other systems, pulling data into a common application from which a decision maker can make more informed and accurate decisions.  Another key capability is developing robust web applications and services.

Nearly all of the projects we work on involve presenting information on a GIS display.  We have a great deal of experience with working with GIS and open standards.

Since 2012 the business has offered a cyber-security service, helping customers make their existing systems and software more resilient to Cyber Attacks.  The team’s expertise with secure software (by design) and development has led us to specialising in the removal of vulnerabilities for other projects.


Malvern Hills Science Park
Geraldine Road
WR14 3SZ


+44 (0)1684 377980

Products and Services

  • Custom software solutions – The team writes applications that are secure by design.  Most projects involve storing data in a database.  The team is also experienced in writing web applications, on a number of platforms.  Some of our defence work has led to use specialising in GIS based solutions, which project data and tracks onto an intuitive visually appealing map display
  • Soter Data Diode – allows information to flow between two networks in one-direction only. The networks could be connected via the internet, or could be networks with different data classifications. A key criteria is that the data flowing from the transmitter (low system) needs to get to the receiver (high system) reliably, accurately and quickly.
  • Cyber security services – Our expertise and experience in the Defence sector and with several SMEs with highly valuable data, has led to use offering cyber risk assessments, software architecture reviews, code audits and other consulting services in the emerging cyber security market space.


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