We provide training and advice on all aspects of UK, EU and US export controls and sanctions. The training can be either open to all or tailored to a company’s specific business needs. Advice can include resolving one-off enquiries, providing in-depth analysis of particular product/end-user combinations, establishing or auditing compliance procedures, and providing on-going advice and support on a retainer basis.

Companies affected by export controls and sanctions include not only exporters of defence and security products but also any company or research body exporting or trading in goods or technology (even by email) which could potentially have a military or security use e.g. nuclear, chemical or biological materials or equipment, high specification manufacturing or testing equipment, electronics, computers, telecommunications and cyber security, sensors, lasers, navigation, avionics, marine and aerospace.


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Products and Services

The main areas we cover include:

  • All aspects of UK and EU export licensing
  • All aspects of US export controls – ITAR, EAR, sanctions, embargoes, asset freezes, Anti-Boycott regulations and the Export Control Reforms
  • What is and is not controlled
  • Whether planned exports will be refused or approved
  • Securing the most appropriate licence or authorisation
  • Sanctions, embargoes, asset freezes, and exemptions
  • Controls on technology, software, encryption
  • Trade, brokering, transit and transhipment of controlled goods
  • Establishing best practice compliance systems


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