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Iceotope Technologies Limited

Iceotope began in 2005. From the very beginning, we’ve been driven by technology enthusiasts – the kind of experts that look beyond conventional ways of working to see opportunities for innovation in the world around us.

With the support of Aster Capital and Ombu Group, we’ve taken one of those opportunities, turning an ingenious idea into a working reality. For organisations around the world and in a variety of industries and sectors, Iceotope offers sustainable computing products, which take up less space, reduce energy costs and maximise efficiency.


AMP Technology Centre
Advanced Manufacturing Park
Brunel Way
Sheffield, UK
S60 5WG


+44 (0) 114 224 5500



Products and Services

We expect great things from our IT infrastructure, whether in the academic, scientific or commercial arenas. And the greater our ambitions, the more processing power we need. But it comes at a cost, using huge amounts of energy just to keep systems cool: working this way is simply not sustainable.
So we’ve developed another way.

Iceotope has created a computer system that needs less space, that uses less energy and that even makes less noise. For any organisation doing more with data, our PetaGen® system is the way forward.

We don’t use air to cool our computers. Any components that generate heat are fully immersed in a completely safe, non-flammable coolant. It’s simply more efficient, so you don’t need unwieldy, energy-hungry and noisy air-conditioning systems. It even offers the opportunity to recover and reuse waste heat – providing a sustainable source for heating the office or generating electricity.

It’s a modular system offering flexibility and scalability, with blades, chassis and a range of cabinets providing the building blocks for whatever configuration you need. It’s quiet enough to be set up in working environments outside the data centre, and robust and resilient enough to be deployed well beyond the usual computing comfort zones.

In a world ruled by innovation, PetaGen® offers powerful computing that takes up less space, uses less energy and generates less costs. Welcome to the Iceotope way.

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