Octo Design Limited

We are a highly experienced industrial design consultancy, creating products and experiences that customers value, which converts into solid commercial advantage for our clients. The best way to see what we can do for your business is for us to start talking about what you would like to achieve. It’s likely to be a long conversation, there’s a lot to think about.

We communicate across all stakeholders, balancing the competing needs of users, technical, marketing and business people. The advantage of our approach is that it is integrated and inclusive; engaging with softer issues like brand perception, at the same time as resolving hard constraints like manufacturing costs.

You can expect us to ask a lot of questions and be both innovative and tenacious in pursuit of the best solution.


Toffee Factory
Lower Steenberg’s Yard
Newcastle upon Tyne


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Products and Services

We enable our clients to discover, create, develop and realise products and experiences more effectively.  Our services are available individually or, more usually, in the form of bespoke development programs built around your particular project needs.

Proven partnerships with experts from around the world ensure we always offer the latest and most appropriate technology and advice, from ergonomic studies to state of the art prototyping and high quality toolmaking.

Our core services and design process is outlined below.

Discovery & Insight

Our initial phase is about collecting current knowledge, and finding new relevant knowledge and information.  Analysis of this provides a solid, informed foundation for subsequent development.

Consultancy sessions challenge and explore the opportunity and objectives in order to establish clear direction.  This phase will include a combination of the following activities;

Project planning, Competitor analysis, Ergonomic investigation, Direction setting innovation sessions, Persona development, Business & service design insights, Design-led market & user research, Technology feasibility reports, IPR & compliance investigation, Brand development.

Create & Evaluate

We run multi-disciplinary ideas sessions to create a range of potential solutions that effectively balance the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project.  These concepts are all presented with a clear value proposition and rationale.  Preferred concepts or ‘hybrids’ are selected for additional work, and to gather high-quality feedback from users and stakeholders, in order to de-risk development.  This phase will include a combination of the following activities:

Concept sketchwork, Proof of principle models & rigs, Applied ergonomics, User interaction & interface development (both physical & screen based), Appearance foam models, Product visualisation, Communication media (for both internal & external audiences), User feedback sessions.

Develop & Refine

This phase is all about detail and refinement.  Aesthetic and functional details are developed and ‘honed’, with key decisions about feature set, user interaction, manufacture and production, being confirmed and tested.  Rapid iteration and prototyping allow us to test, learn and refine.  This phase will include a combination of the following activities:

Development sketchwork, 3D CAD development, Detailed engineering solutions, Detailed aesthetic solutions, ‘Breadboard’ electronics, Prototyping, Functional testing (both physical & virtual), User feedback evaluation, Supplier selection, Materials & processes, Intial B.O.M. database, Product visualisation.

Realise & Enable

This phase involves working closely with all stakeholders to optimise the product for manufacture.  A complete production specification and documentation database is created, with ‘pilot builds’ being fully supported, streamlining the development process through to launch.  We can also support marketing activities by create visual media such as pack shots and product animations, user guides and exhibition stands.  This phase will include a combination of the following activities:

3D & 2D production specification database, Artwork for user interface, Control documents, Stakeholder & supplier liaison, Marketing media (visualisation, animation, infographics & artwork).

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