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Actuators – Electric Roller Screw Variety:

Olsen Engineering UK Ltd designs and manufactures Electric “Cylinders” Linear and Rotary Actuation Solutions including the Control Systems. the Linear Actuators are Roller Screw variety and have many benefits over hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders namely higher accuracy and speeds, longer life cycles and no-maintenance. 15 times Stronger than Ball screws.

Aerospace Test Systems and Defence Industries are moving towards ALL electric actuation.


Unit 1
Station Road
SY17 5NA


+44 (0) 1686 689 812


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150 sq metres



Key Customers

BAE Systems
Heinrich Georguk
Aerodynamic Test
HT Servo

Other Info

Also members of: Aerospace Wales, UAV Association, PPMA Association, ADS and have also started the SC21 program.



Quality Certifications Held

ISO 9001

Certificate Number

GB 17466

Certification Authority

AC Accreditation

Customer Approvals

BAE Systems - for Electric Actuators, MOD specified on aircraft carrier project, ABB Approval Supplier for Power Generation

Products and Services

  • Electric Actuators
  • Roller  Screw Electric Linear Actuators
  • Linear Actuators
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Servo Motors
  • Control Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Servo Drives
  • Servo Control Systems
  • Power and signal Cables


Olsen Engineering suppliers high performance ALL ELECTRIC linear actuation solutions - EXLAR ROLLER SCREW VARIETY. All electric linear motion is the modern REPLACEMENT OF HYDRAULICS and PNEUMATICS and also offers 15 x TRAVEL LIFE compared with ball screws. BENEFITS include faster, more precise motion, NO MAINTENANCE or leaks, OPTIMISED TOTAL PRODUCT LIFECYLE COST. We also offer completely integrated solutions supplying the drive system, control panel, HMI, Servo drives, cables and mechanical modifiations. GSX range offer speeds up to 1.2m/s at 610mm travel, 55kN and FT series up to 1.5m/s, 2.5m 450kN. IP65 and MANY STANDARD OPTIONS available including special housing/main rod materials, many types of connectors, brake, bellows, preloaded option for 3um accuracy, Subsea options available.

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