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Oxley Developments Company Ltd

At Oxley we are proud of our product innovation, engineering design and the quality of our manufacturing.  We have worked to identify where we can bring value and expertise to our customers through innovative concepts and solutions.

Our designers, engineers and manufacturing personnel at the core of the company’s operations continue to push the limits of technology in the developments of new products in response to constantly changing markets.


Priory Park
LA12 9QG


+44 (0) 1229 582 621


+44 (0) 1229 585 090




10,000 sq.m



Key Customers

Defence organisations; aerospace manufactures; and defence equipment.

Quality Certifications Held

BS EN ISO 9001: 2000

Certificate Number

FM 01749

Certification Authority


Other Certifications

UK MoD Design Approval for aircraft and airborne equipment - BS EN ISO 14000: 1996; product certification - QAS/34/61, No. 1048/M; and product certification - CECC/BS 9000, No. M/0022.

Customer Approvals

Majority of major national and international defence, aerospace and communications companies.

Products and Services

Night vision goggles comaptible lighting, aircraft external lighting, aircraft cockpit upgrades, NVG lighting, optical components, covert infra-red lighting, NV filters, anti reflection coating, optical filters, night vision filters, contrast enhanced, egress emergency lighting, CCTV security lighting, infra-red illuminators. Managing military vehicle maintenance, aircraft or industrial equipment assets, electronic tagging, contact memory buttons, maintenance management, configuration control, asset management systems, integrated logistics support, mobile computing, record verification, recording locations of valuable assets, micro databases. Electromagnetic suppression filters, EMI/RFI filters, feedthorough, chassis mounting, planar capacitors arrays, ceramic capacitors, thread mounting, solder mounting, custom EMI filter connector design. LED panel lamps, LED indicators, incandescent bulb replacements, DefStan approved, DESC approved, mulit-segment, emergency lighting. Electronic test points, precision connectors, interconnection components, PCB surface mount test points. Mica capacitors.


Specialists in optical and LED lighting system design and development. Precision mac

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