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VERT Rotors

VERT Rotors produces ultra-compact, light and low-vibration Rotary compressors from composites. They are designed for satellites, submarines and other applications where vibration and noise are not acceptable, and dimensions and weight are mission-critical.




12 Miller Row




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Products and Services

VERT supplies ultra-compact and light oil-free Conical Rotary Compressors (CRC). They produce high pressure with very low noise and virtually no vibration. The CRC design is based on VERT’s patented technology.

VERT.80 is a 2kW compressor supplying 12m3/h of compressed air.  It is 40% smaller than a comparable 2kW twin-screw compressor from a leading supplier, but in the same time has 20% better volumetric efficiency.

VERT.16 is only 120mm long, which makes it the most compact 3-bar oil-free rotary compressor on the market. This compressor is for use in heat pumps and aerospace applications.

VERT.04 is the most compact high-pressure and low-vibration compressor for satellites and for automotive pneumatic actuators. It is supplied in a hermetic housing for refrigeration use, and an open cartridge housing for air.

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