ESOS compliance check

The Environment Agency (EA) announced in July 2016 that they are investigating 1700 companies for non-compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).

Although 1700 companies are being investigated, the EA expect there to be 600 who are in breach of the regulations - most likely because they think the legislation applies to them and think they don’t need to do anything.

What if you find out you should have completed an audit? Call EEF on 0808 168 5874 and we’ll arrange for an auditor to complete your report.

For more information on ESOS and how to comply download our Guide.

Find out if you are in breach of the legislation

If you haven’t submitted an audit the following three questions will give you clarity on whether you should further investigate if you are in danger of a non-compliance fine of up to £50k:


1. How many employees does your organisation have? (Employees are calculated based on the average employee count during the last financial period.)

2. What is your organisation’s annual turnover in the last financial period?

3. What is your company’s annual balance sheet?

Submit your answers to find out if and why you comply.

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