Environmental Legal Compliance Tool

Environmental law applies to each and every business and demonstrating full compliance can be a complex undertaking. Covering diverse issues including waste, water, land, air, energy, carbon, resource efficiency, wildlife and nuisance, it is not uncommon for businesses to have extensive and far reaching environmental regulatory obligations.

The current framework for the enforcement of environmental law is changing, with the regulatory enforcement bodies adopting a risk based approach to inspection alongside likely increases in the level of fines for non-compliant activities. Furthermore, sanctions available to the enforcement bodies have also been revised, with new civil powers available to provide greater sanctions, flexibility and proportionality for certain offences.

Using our Environmental Compliance Tool

This tool will give you an indication of how well your business manages compliance with environmental legislation, it will give you an insight into what you’re doing well and the action you should take to ensure you are compliant.

The tool also includes a test to see if your knowledge of environmental legislation is current and up to date.

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The responses should not be taken as legal advice. If there are any actions that you are thinking of taking or have decided not to take as a result of using this tool please contact EEF to discuss your specific circumstances first.