Health and safety health check tool

Measuring your health and safety performance is hard. Reductions in accidents and incidents are good indicators but your assessment of the health and safety performance should start with the key practices that drive your performance. 

This health check gives you an indication of how effective your approach to health and safety management is, assessing key practices against both the legal responsibilities and best practice. You will see where you may be liable from a statutory or civil perspective, identify the key areas where you can improve your practices and what you should be doing to put in place best practice health and safety management. 

Using our health and safety health check

Designed by EEF Health and Safety Consultant Mike Denison, who sits on the BSI committee contributing to the ISO45001 standard, the tool focuses on the overarching requirements for health and safety management. The responses provide an indication only of compliance or non-compliance. Expert guidance or advice should be sought to confirm your position and the actions you should take.

1. When was the most recent health and safety audit completed in your business?

2. What health and safety management system do you have in place?

3. What level of training and competence do your auditor(s) have?

4. Approximately what percentage of your workforce has been trained in safe working practices and requirements?

5. What level of training has your senior team of managers and directors had?

6. Do you have one or more competent persons to assist in managing health and safety?

7. Does your company have a written health and safety policy that complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

8. Have risk assessments been used as a basis for managing health and safety within your company?

9. How frequently do you conduct risk assessments?

10. How frequently does your board discuss health and safety?

11. Is senior management actively involved in setting health and safety objectives?

12. Do you have a system for reviewing health and safety performance?

13. What kind of performance measures are used to manage and review health and safety performance?

About your business

14. What are the health and safety priorities for your business over the next 12 months?

15. Has your business budgeted for health and safety improvements this year?

16. Which areas of the business are your priorities for health and safety training and development in the next 12 months?

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