Land Quality Benchmarking Tool

Our industrial history means that sites across the UK are impacted by contamination from substances on, in or under the ground. This contamination could be causing ongoing pollution to controlled waters (which is an offence), damaging building foundations or affecting the health of site employees.

Depending on several variables your current site operations may be causing contamination and you may – or may not - be responsible for the remediation.

Using our Land Quality Benchmarking Tool

This tool gives you an indication of what factors at your site affect contamination and your potential accountability, identifying what risks you might have and what possible actions you could take to protect the site.

The responses should not be taken as legal advice . If there are any actions that you are thinking of taking, or have decided not to take any action, as a result of using this web tool please contact EEF to discuss your specific circumstances first

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The responses in this tool give you an indication of the factors that influence whether you are accountable or not, they are not to be interpreted as legal advice and EEF cannot take responsibility for the outcomes if you take any actions or not based on this web tool alone. Specialist support should be sought if you have any concerns over contamination at your site.