REACH guidance and downloads

REACH isn't just a chemical industry issue - it has the potential to affect all manufacturers. Our new guidance helps you understand your obligations and our Substance Alert service helps you keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

What are the potential risks to my business?

  • Disrupted supply as a result of substances being withdrawn from the market
  • Potential product disruption if substances are subject to restrictions or bans
  • Reputational damage with customers by failing to comply with REACH disclosure requirements
  • Loss of business and the threat of fines and prosecution if the legal requirements of REACH are not upheld

Finella Elliott, Climate & Environment Policy Adviser at EEF sits on the UK Chemicals Stakeholder forum, which advises government on managing risks to the environment and human health from the production, distribution and use of chemicals, and chairs its REACH SME sub-group. There are a number of useful publications on their website for companies, with a particular SME focus, including guidance on REACH authorisation and guidance on substitution. For more details, visit the UK Chemicals Stakeholder forum web page.