Collective bargaining

This section covers the practical and legal issues relating to bargaining between employers and trade unions including a discussion of some of the considerations to bear in mind when deciding whether to recognise a union and the contents of a recognition agreement. In some circumstances, an employer may be compelled to recognise a union for bargaining purposes via the legal procedure to secure recognition. That procedure is outlined in this section. We also cover the form, content and legal status of collective agreements and the right to bargaining information.

  • Collective agreements

    We explain the form, content and legal status of collective agreements, and how the negotiated terms can be incorporated into an employee’s contract.

  • Collective bargaining: an overview

    We advise you on recognising a trade union, and we explain the rights of a union which has been recognised for collective bargaining purposes.

  • Recognition agreements

    We explain how to draft a formal recognition agreement with a trade union, including what information you should consider for inclusion.

  • Resolution of disputes

    We advise you on having an agreed procedure for resolving disputes with your recognised trade union, including collective and individual grievances.

  • Right to bargaining information

    We tell you the bargaining information a trade union recognised for collective bargaining is entitled to, and outline ACAS Code of Practice guidelines.

  • Statutory procedure for recognition

    We explain the legal procedure of recognising a trade union for collective bargaining purposes.

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