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Management effectiveness - gap analysis tool

Developing leaders and managers in your organisation is key to improving productivity and performance.                                      

Our gap analysis tool enables you to assess the leadership and management effectiveness within your organisation whilst providing tips and advice to help manage performance and plan for change.

We’ll help you identify potential skills gaps, share how best to manage performance and retain talent in your workforce as well as how you can plan effectively for change and implement long term business plans that will help you achieve greater performance.

Developing Potential

This section will help you to understand how effectively you recognise management talent in your organisation and support them when in post.

1. What is the main method you use to identify leadership and management potential within your workforce?

2. What training do new managers receive when they first step into the role?

3. What are the biggest challenges managers face in your organisation?

4. If managers request training what constraints may you have in meeting their needs

Inspiring Leadership

This section will help you understand if there is a clear and managed expectation of behaviours required of managers to drive organisational vision, mission and values.

5. Do managers create a sense of purpose and direction for their teams?

6. Are managers good role models?

Driving Performance

This section will help you understand how performance is managed and whether managers can identify and plan for change.

7. How well do managers use the performance management system to encourage people to reach their potential?

8. How confident are you that managers recognise when change is required and manage the process effectively?

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Great, now that you've answered as many questions as you can, you’ll be better placed to assess the management effectiveness within your organisation and identify where potential gaps lie within your current operations. 

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